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  • Ad-Hoc IT Support - Call us on 020 3095 7740 or contact us online
  • On-Site IT Support and Remote IT Support available
  • Same Day Appointments Available.



  • Our IT Support company was established in 2003 and we are a recognised Microsoft Certified Partner. 
  • Even though our team is technically minded, we all have engaging personalities. We speak in plain English, know all our customers on a first name basis and with that, we'll become an important extension of your own team.
  • Our IT maintenance packages are charged based on the number of devices we support irrespective of the number of employees which ensures you receive a fair price for the technical assistance we provide. As well as our small business IT support contracts, we also provide ad-hoc computer, laptop and server repair. 
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IT SUPPORT in LONDON - Business Sectors

Our in-depth IT knowledge has helped hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses grow, through innovation and new technologies. We've worked with Estate Agents, Charities, PR and Design Agencies as well as other Professional Services. Our clients appreciate our personal touch and attention to detail. Our outsourced IT Services deliver a fast and friendly service, ensuring you can get back to business in the shortest time possible.

compared with other IT Support Companies in London


Unlike other small business IT support companies, our approach is different. We're people-focused. Sure, we can provide all things tech, improve this, improve that, but without empathy, understanding, and patience, we'd be nothing more than a sales team, fixing your computer and network problems. What we want is for you and your team to feel comfortable asking us for assistance. No job is ever too big or too small. We're here to help you in any way we can, with a smile.

Personal Service 
We're in the people business providing IT Support

DBS Security Cleared
 All IT staff are vetted for working with children and vulnerable adults

Not Just Tech Support
We help drive your business forward, improving efficiency and productivity

IT Support Reviews
5-Star customer ratings on both Google and TrustPilot.

  • Do you provide IT Support Near Me? +

    We provide IT services worldwide via our Remote IT support service. If you're looking for an engineer to visit you in your home or business, we provide these services within the M25. Businesses that require IT Support in Surrey, Sussex, Essex, and Berkshire are also covered.
  • What are your IT Support Prices? +

    We're always transparent in regards to our pricing structure. Most businesses hide their prices in fear of their competition. We offer a fair price for the quality and skill we provide and are happy to disclose.

    Businesses on a monthly IT package receive unlimited remote IT support during office hours. Call-outs are charged at £142.50 ex VAT for the first 1.5 hours on-site and then £75 /ph in half-hour increments.
    IT Support packages start from £250 per month.
    Businesses not on contract with us are charged £75 /hr ex VAT for remote IT assistance during office hours. Call-outs are charged at £142.50 ex VAT for the first 1.5 hours on-site and then £95 /ph in half-hour increments.
    Residential Rates are charged at £135 for the first 1.5 hours on-site and then £75 /ph in half-hour increments. Remote support is just £66 /hr. There is no VAT to pay as we pay this for you to keep your costs low.

    * When travel time exceeds 1 hour, a £40 call-out fee may apply. Prices quoted relate to office hours only. Evenings and weekend prices differ.

  • Do you provide Emergency Out of Hours Technical Support? +

    Outside of our normal working hours, we do provide emergency computer and server assistance, subject to engineer availability. If you require emergency IT help, please contact us for a quotation and availability.
  • Do you provide computer repair services, such as keyboard replacements, laptop batteries etc? +

    Yes. We provide computer and laptop repairs, for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh systems. All computer brands are covered including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Acer, Asus, Apple, Toshiba, Samsung as well as custom-built computers.

    Computer parts are ordered as required as there are simply too many to stock. We do keep the most popular components in stock, such as replacement hard drives.

  • How long have you been in business? +

    SysFix was established in 2003 and incorporated in February 2015.
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