How much does business IT Support cost?

The cost of IT support for a small business in the UK varies. The average price per hour for remote IT Support in the UK is around £85 per hour remotely. However, prices range from £60-120 depending on where you live, with London prices being higher. On-Site support, where an IT specialist will visit you in your business, on average is around £95 per hour plus a call-out fee, but again, prices vary, especially within the capital.

What does Remote IT Support Cost?

Prices for remote IT support vary throughout the UK and are generally, higher in London. The average price for fixing computer problems online is around £85.00 for 1 hour of computer support. Remote support isn't just about reactively fixing issues as they arise, it's about maintaining business IT systems to prevent them from causing downtime. Ensuring your business IT runs smoothly allows you to concentrate on growing your business.

Fair, Uncomplicated Pricing

IT Support in London and beyond. IT packages that aim to improve business efficiency, security, and productivity at a fair price. 



  • Up to 5 devices/users included
  • Ideal for Business Startups
  • Pay-as-you-go support
  • Additional Users £25/mo
  • Daily Email Backup
  • Anti-Phishing Protection
  • Cyber Security Training



  • 5 devices/users included
  • Ideal for established businesses
  •  Unlimited, Priority IT Support
  • Additional Users/Devices £45/mo
  • Server, Printer, Router & WiFi Support
  • IT Asset Management
  • IT Budgeting Assistance
  • 3rd Party Management
  • Desktop Customisation
  • Employee IT Policy
  • IT Procurement

Patch n Protect


  • Up to 5 devices included
  • Computer Updates & Cyber Security Only
  • Pay-as-you-go support
  • Additional devices £22/mo

What are the benefits of Remote IT Support? 

Being able to remotely maintain business IT systems and resolve issues as they occur is a benefit to all businesses, large and small. Ad-hoc support is available for those who need support right now, to fix an individual issue. Equally, if you have a number of computers and end-users, an IT support service may be more appropriate.

TOP 5 Benefits of Remote IT Support

  1. Computer problems are resolved faster.
  2. Lower cost per hour when compared with an engineer call-out.
  3. Lower carbon footprint due to less travel.
  4. Ability to connect to computers remotely, anywhere in the world, at any time.
  5. After-hours support with no requirement for IT staff to stay in the office. 

What does On-Site IT Support Cost?

Small business IT support pricing varies throughout the UK, with rates ranging from around £95 per hour to £200 for more senior IT specialists. At the time of writing, SysFix IT Support charge £142.50 ex vat for the first hour of service then at £95 per hour. There's no call-out fee if the travel time to your office is less than 1 hour. As you can imagine, 2 hours of travel time still attracts 2 hours of an engineer's salary and travel expenses which is why we have a higher first hour rate.

Other IT support companies may price their services differently. Some will charge an hourly rate plus a call-out fee on all appointments where some will simply charge just an hourly rate. Of course, whilst the price of service can differ greatly, so can the quality of service and skill-set. Whoever you choose as your IT support provider, check their reviews and be sure they're a good fit for your business. 

What are the benefits of On-Site IT Support? 

Having an onsite IT presence brings benefits to both parties. You, as a client, have the opportunity of engaging with IT staff, being able to ask questions in a different manner, and being able to explain any frustrations or business requirements in much more detail.

TOP 5 Benefits of On-Site IT Support

  1. A more personal service
  2. Ability to spot physical issues that would otherwise go unnoticed remotely
  3. Employees often forget to log smaller issues but feel they can raise them quickly when there's an on-site presence
  4. It gives staff the chance to meet face to face
  5. Not all problems can be fixed remotely

 IT support pricing is a lot more than just sourcing an IT support company to manage your IT systems. 

Transparent Pricing - Breaking down per hour costs.

Investing in IT support is a smart decision for any business looking to enhance efficiency, save on costs, and gain peace of mind. Let's peel back the layers to appreciate the real value IT support brings to your company.

Consider the breakdown of the cost for residential IT support at £85 per hour. This figure includes: 

Company Expenses Per Hour Apportioned Cost
The engineer's hourly rate £14.81
The engineers travel time to the client£14.81
The engineers travel time back to the office£14.81
A modest pension contribution£0.46
National Insurance contribution£1.48
Travel costs for a return journey in London£13.90
Office rental, broadband, and insurance costs£9.38
Expenses SubTotal:£69.65
Subtracting 19% corporation tax£2.91   Calculation (£85 - 69.95) - 19%
Company Profit:£12.43

So is IT Support Expensive? - A 3 Hour round trip earns a company £12.43
This calculation is based on a standard 37.5-hour work week.
 This is why we charge more for the first hour of service, to cove some of the above expenses. After that, we're making just over £12 per hour. 

Now, let's debunk the myth of high earnings

If an IT Support Company made £12.43 for every hour of the week, the annual profit would be £24'245.
However, this doesn't account for additional costs like new office equipment, staff raises, or software subscriptions.

The reality is that an engineer might only complete one or two paid jobs per week. Many engineers dedicate their time to supporting clients who opt for monthly support packages, offering unlimited IT support at a significantly reduced rate.

So, who benefits the most? 

The clients. 

By choosing an IT support package, businesses can significantly reduce their IT costs and save considerable time. These packages provide unlimited support for a fixed monthly fee, offering substantial savings over piecemeal services. It's a win-win: businesses receive the expert support they need without the hefty price tag, demonstrating that IT support is not just a wise investment—it's an essential strategy for smart financial management and operational efficiency.

The IT Support Company:

Have advantage of forecasting their minimum monthly revenue, enabling them to staff appropriately and manage their expenses efficiently.

Other Costs and Considerations 

  • Replacing aging equipment, generally, every 3-5 years
  • Antivirus and security subscriptions for each device
  • Email subscriptions such as Office 365 or GSuite
  • Voice over IP telephone costs and subscriptions
  • The cost of printing, replacing toner cartridges and paper
  • The cost of electricity to power all your devices
  • Business insurance to cover theft of equipment
  • Cybersecurity insurance
  • Annual price increases
  • Staff training

These are just a few of the additional costs that make up the whole IT Support bundle.

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