Top 10 Benefits of Managed Antivirus Services

What is Managed Antivirus?

Managed Antivirus takes the hassle out of understanding and managing your own product of choice. Instead, we select the top antivirus product on the market and manage this for you, as a service. We take the stress away from you and deal with all the infections that are detected as well as making sure they are analysed and eradicated. Furthermore, we ensure your software is up to date. 

It is extremely important for your cybersecurity software to be kept up to date as new viruses and malware are released every day. We will also ensure that your device is performing virus and malware scans that will eradicate any unwanted infections.

An organisation's productivity and efficiency might be severely impacted if it does not have, a managed antivirus solution. When a virus infects a computer, the infection can be so serious that it could require a full re-installation of the operating system, programs, and data (if not backed up). It can take many hours per system and considerably longer per server to complete this task. Furthermore, a business could spend thousands on data cleaning and restoration.

What are the benefits of Managed Antivirus

  • Protection from viruses and malware: Antivirus software mainly serves as a preventative measure. It looks for any possible infections and then attempts to eradicate them. Keep in mind that much of this is done before the virus causes any damage to the system. As a result, the majority of infections are detected and blocked before they can cause any damage to your computers and IT infrastructure. Without your knowledge, antivirus software may fight multiple viruses in a single day.
  • Block's ads and spam: Our Antivirus software of choice has a built-in ad blocker that removes various types of advertising. It will block certain types of advertisements, such as pop-ups, banner adverts, and other prevalent forms of online advertising, allowing users to surf the web without being bothered. Ad spam is something you normally wish you hadn't come across when online. Junk mail with unsolicited items or services, pop-up adverts flashing across the screen, or even strange text messages sent to your smartphone are all examples of this. These mails should be marked as spam and removed from your inbox.
  • Protection against data thieves and hackers: To gain access to their victim's computer, hackers commonly employ malware or virus programs. This can be prevented by having a well-managed antivirus package as well as performing daily scans and having good backup software that would back up your systems daily. Hackers commonly attempt to install malware or viruses on the victim's PC without their awareness. Hackers can attempt this by sending phishing emails. If you don't take IT security seriously and opt to not purchase adequate protection, hackers can then quickly gain access to your files and programs that they desire.

Top 10 Benefits of Managed Antivirus

  • Protection from viruses and malware 
  • Block's ads and spam
  • Protection against data thieves and hackers
  • Daily Monitoring and Management
  • Reduce Operating Costs

  • Total peace of mind
  • Stay protected against the latest threats
  • Protection against online threats
  • Customer support
  • Firewall protection

  • Our Team are Antivirus Pro's

    Our engineers deal with hundreds of virus issues each day and as such, we're great at what we do. All our engineers attend a 2-day training course, to ensure they're extremely competent in proving support to manage your security. Training comprises how to resolve the most common viruses. Each engineer has been trained on how to make sure that every client's antivirus is up to date, as well as being trained on how to install ESET Antivirus and configure the product to meet the needs and requirements of each client. They have also been trained on how to configure your security firewall for the maximum amount of protection.

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