Data Backup and Recovery Services
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Our managed data backup service reduces the possibility of data loss and automates the backup of your data to the cloud, securely.

Managed Backup

Automated data backup to the cloud, managed and configured by us.

Server Data Backup

Securely backup, your core business data from shared drives as frequently as every hour.

UK /EU Servers

Your data is held securely, encrypted, and never held outside the EU. GDPR compliant backup.

Why Choose SysFix to Backup Your Data?


backup1Continuous Backup

The most important data is what you are working on right now. SysFix Backup PRO knows the moment your file changes, ensuring your backup is always up to date. Multiple versions of your file are backed up which means you have multiple options for recovery.  Once configured, you can relax knowing that your files are being backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes.

backup3Engineered For Business

With multiple users all accessing multiple files, SysFix Backup PRO is designed to address these challenges in a continuous,  quiet background operation providing unsurpassed server protection. Our off site cloud backup system is highly configurable with options for backup sets and multiple backup endpoints allowing for both onsite and offsite backup. The service is fully managed so we take care of the initial and ongoing support including file restore operations. of course, you have access to this too. 

backup3Complete Backup Protection for Servers

Backing up a server is uniquely challenging. Having many files in use across a network poses a problem however our backup suite can backup open files without any issue whilst operating on a wide variety of network conditions and platforms. SysFix cloud backup transfers only the changed elements of files which means faster backup times. Your data is backed up to our server in Milton Keynes and then each night, we transfer a full encrypted copy of your backup to our local office in Croydon. In the event of a catastrophic failure, unlike other backup providers, we are London based so we can physically deliver your data back to you on a USB drive saving long download times. 


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10 Benefits of Using Online Backup

  1. Backups are Automatic. Set and Forget.
  2. Backups are held Off-Site.
  3. Backups run every X amount of minutes.
  4. Backups are Extremely fast.
  5. No user intervention required.
  6. No tape replacement costs
  7. Lower power usage.
  8. Multiple backup locations.
  9. Multiple versions of your files.
  10. Full data encryption for added security.

Did You Know?

99% of all businesses do not perform a daily backup
60% of backups are incomplete
50% of restores fail
Only 25% of backup tapes are stored off-site
End user compliance with backups is only 8%.