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The hassle of finding your dream PC is over. SysFix has been building custom made gaming PC’s since 2003 and with our very own resident gaming expert, we promise you’ll get the very best gaming experience possible from our PCs. We select the latest and greatest components to not only ensure a great experience but a lasting one. Your new gaming PC will be future proof,  so you won’t need to replace it anytime soon.

We design our gaming computers around you. If you have a rough idea of that dream PC you'd like, just let us know and we'll take care of the rest. If you’re not sure what you're looking for, just let us know what games you're looking to play and our team will design your new custom gaming PC for your game types.


The processor (CPU - Central Processing Unit), is one of the most important components within your gaming computer. A proportion of your games performance is related to the CPU. This means that even though the GPU (see below),  is doing a lot of work to render the games 3D graphics, everything else is processed by the CPU. If you’re experiencing poor gaming performance even on a low graphics setting, it’s advised to upgrade your CPU. We use the most powerful CPUs from both AMD & Intel.


The graphics card (GPU - Graphics Processor Unit),  is a powerful and important component of a games PC. The GPU processes and renders 3D graphics. SysFix uses the latest and most powerful Graphics Cards from both AMD & NVidia in our Gaming PCs. Enjoy breath-taking visuals and high frame rates from your favorite games.


RAM (Memory - Random Access Memory), is where your game is held once your game is loaded from your Hard Drive (see below). The more  RAM you have, the more files that can be loaded, which results in faster load times. A shortage of RAM leads to impaired gameplay. Faster RAM also results in smoother gameplay. SysFix selects Corsair or HyperX Memory to power you’re custom-built Gaming PC.


The storage medium (SSD - Solid state Hard Drives), are new storage devices where Windows will be installed, along with all your games. Whilst an SSD drive is the recommended choice, there's also (HDD- Hard Disk Drives), which aren't as speedy but, come in larger capacities. SSD’s are so much faster, resulting in faster boot times.


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