Best high-performance custom made workstation, which is both industrial grade and future proof

Having worked with a number of architects and design agencies, we have developed a workstation that meets the demands of a business. Our workstations are fast, powerful, and reliable, unlike the run-of-the-mill workstation that you can purchase on a high street.


Workstation for AutoCAD

Advanced CAD designs require powerful hardware, so you need a workstation PC with hardware that’s powerful enough to be able to work at a decent workflow. SysFix builds high-quality and powerful workstations so that you can design bigger and better without being limited to your PC's hardware.

Workstation for Maya 2019

If you're a common user of Autodesk's Maya, a 3D animation, modeling, rendering, and simulation software. You are probably aware that you cannot just install it on any machine and expect it to work perfectly, you require a machine that is more powerful than just your standard machine. Here at SysFix, our engineers build extraordinary machines, specially designed for Maya. 


 Workstation for 3DS Max

If your expertise lies more in animation than modeling, meshing, etc. you'll benefit more by using 3DS Max over Maya, this is because 3DS Max has more advanced and easier animation tools compared to Maya. You can also benefit from purchasing a specialized PC, from SysFix. We build computer systems specifically designed for 3DS Max, you can finish your projects more quickly and to a high standard as you won't be held down by a mediocre machine.


Workstation for Revit

 If you work in Architecture, structural engineering, construction and you use Autodesk's Revit, SysFix can help you! Revit is a powerful piece of software, that is designed to be used by professional designers. Great designer plus powerful software means that you're going to be reaching your full potential without a powerful machine. SysFix builds personalized and specialized PCs specifically for Revit users.


If you want a custom PC built for you, just contact us by calling at 020 3095 7740 or sending us an email.


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