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Company email signature management software for Office 365. Centrally manage your employee signatures and enhance your brand.

Centrally Managed

Manage your corporate email signatures online and deploy them to all your employees.

Email Templates

Use signatures as Email templates and integrate them directly into Microsoft Outlook.

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Centrally manage professional Office 365 signatures for all users


Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 is a multi-award-winning Office 365 signature management service - an Office 365 solution for organizations to centrally manage professional Office 365 signatures for all users sending email from any device.


  • Design as many signatures as you like - There’s no end to how many email signatures you can make. Create email signature templates for individual users, employees who speak in various languages, different groups/departments or for the entire organization.
  • Personalize all signatures - Make Office 365 signatures come alive by adding personal photo images to your users’ signatures, all centrally managed and easy-to-setup.
  • Just £1.85 per user per month.

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