Emergency IT Support for business critical incidents

Emergency IT Support is a service dedicated to providing swift resolutions to business critical IT incidents. This priority business service provides support and assistance with virus outbreaks, ransomware attacks, server outages, network connectivity and data loss. Most issues are dealt with remotely due to speed however on-site support is also often available.

Business IT emergencies that need immediate assistance.

 Click the request help button above to book an appointment. If no appointments are available, please call us and we'll see what we can do. 

What is Emergency Server Support?

Emergency server support is a service used by businesses facing a business critical server outage. Technical support is usually provided remotely allowing any client from around the world to gain access to such services. Priority support is crucial when dealing with larger businesses where multiple users are affected. Appointments for emergency IT support can be booked here.

What can Emergency IT Support help with?

  • Virus Outbreaks
  • Ransomware attacks such as the fuxsocy cerber encryptor
  • Server issues such as DNS, DHCP, Active Directory and general error messages
  • Databases such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Email Servers such as Microsoft Exchange
  • Terminal Services (RDP)
  • Router issues or internet connectivity
  • Network Issues
  • General computer support
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