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You may want to replace the NowTV Broadband Router if you're experiencing poor wifi or slow speeds. When we asked for a replacement router, NOWTV wanted to sign us up for a new 12-month contract (I don't think so!) So read on and we'll show you how to set up the best router for Now Broadband.

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Can I use an alternative router with Now Broadband?

Most routers will not work on the NOW Broadband service unless it supports MPoA and option 61. Sounds a little technical? (Think of it as a language used to communicate)

Now Broadband do not support PPPOE or PPPOA (Again, think of these as languages) which are the most popular communication methods on routers.

Only a small number of routers allow you to connect to their broadband service. They do not use usernames and passwords and technical support has no record of them as they don't exist.

This router is the ideal Now TV Router Upgrade if you're looking for extra features and wifi coverage. If you require technical support with your NOW broadband router, book an appointment using the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Now TV Broadband Router Login?

The default username is admin and the password for the Now Broadband router is nowtv. Once logged in, we suggest setting your own password to prevent unauthorised access to your router.

The NOW TV Router Login will grant you access to all your router settings, many are disabled though such as the ability to saet your own DNS servers.

How many LAN ports does the NOW Broadband router have?

The router only has 2 network ports unfortunately. We suggest replacing your router. By using your own router, you'll benefit from enhanced wifi, extra network ports, being able to set your own DNS servers and having full control of your device. You'll also be able to connect to a VPN service without using dial up.

Can I change the DNS Servers on my NOW Broadband Router?

Changing the DNS settings on the NOW Broadband router is not possible. There are no options available on the standard router that allow you to set your own DNS server IP. The only workaround would be to set the DNS servers manually manually on your computers network card settings or by replacing your router with an upgraded version which you'd have to purchase yourself.

Is the NOW Broadband Router Any Good?

The router will connect you to the internet and provide you with wifi access. However, for more enhanced functions, you'll struggle. It is limited to 2 network ports and the inability to configure your own DNS servers like Googles This means they track all of your search history. We like to have control of our data and the equipment we use. For better performing wifi and a wider range of configurable options, buy your own router.

How do I upgrade my Now Broadband Router?

You have 2 options to upgrade your router. The most beneficial option is to purchase your own router and in particular, the TP-Link product shown. It's a tried and tested router that works well and boasts many features not present on the standard issued router.

Alternatively, you can call Now Broadband and ask them for an upgrade. They'll want to tie you in to a new 12 or 18-month contract though. It's worth noting that ISPs (inetrnet Service Providers) generally hand out the cheapest routers they can lay their hands on. It's always better to replace your router if you require greater coverage, signal strength and wifi speed.

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