How to clean a dusty computer

We explain how to clean a dusty computer and why it's important to do so. 

Step 1 - Disconnect all power sources

Before cleaning your computer, it's extremely important to ensure that it is disconnected from the mains. Pull out the main power cord from the wall, don't just turn off the switch.

Step 2 - Open the computer 

Computers usually have 2 removable side panels held in place by 2 screws on each side.
Carefully unscrew the 2 screws furthest away from the usb, vga, hdmi and power cord.  
Once the 2 screws have been undone, you should be able to slide the side panel towards the rear of the computer unit. Some other computers may open differently, either from the top down or from the back to the front. 

Removing the side panel can often be frustrating, especially when it comes to reversing your actions and putting it back together. Stay calm and keep a logical mind and you will be fine.

Step 3 - Inspect the computer for dust and any loose cables

Before we move on to cleaning your computer, take time to inspect the pc for any loose cables or any parts that have come loose. Take a look at where the dust buildup is most prominent paying particular attention to the air intake fans and processor fan. The processor fan is generally in the centre of your computer's mainboard. 

Step 4 - Clean dust from your computer 

We highly suggest that you take your computer unit to a place where you don't mind dust blowing everywhere as it can be a pretty messy job. If your machine looks particularly bad, perhaps think about taking your computer outside, as long as it's not raining of course.

You'll obviously need to remove all the cables from the back of your computer to do this. Take a photo of the back of your computer system so you know how to plug everything back together again.  

Buy a computer cleaner and make the job much easier! 

electric air duster
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Choose between 3 uniquely shaped, nozzle attachments for enhanced and precise air direction and control. Use the longer attachments for pinpoint accuracy and the wide fan attachment for broad surface cleaning. It's perfect for cleaning PC's, Laptops, Phones, Games Consoles, Servers, Models, Desks, Ornaments and other Household items.

Save money over the long term over buying those cans of compressed air. It's great for the environment 

Dusty Computer Cleaning: Q&A

Are cans of compressed air any good to clean my computer? 

Cans of compressed air don't last very long, they contribute to environmental waste and aren't kind on your pocket either. Although they're only around £6 each, you're much better with the computer cleaning machine we mentioned. It will last you a lifetime, it's extremely powerful and will never run out.

Why do I need to clean inside my computer? 

Your computer draws in cooler air to cool the CPU and other components and equally, expels hot air. As air enters your system, dust will follow. Those of you who place your computer systems on the floor will ultimately, accumilate more dust, as dust falls to the ground. Dust is then drawn into your system. 

It's important to clean dust from your computer system, laptop ir other electronic devices for several reasons. 

  • An accumilation of dust can reduce how well your cooling fans perform. Poor cooling and ventilation leads to a system that frequently overheats. This causes fans to excessively spin which in turn, creates a louder pc.
  • A PC that overheats reduces the overall lifespan of your system overall.
  • It's not hygeinic and is unsightly.
  • Too much dust could potentially lead to an increased fire risk. 

Can you clean my computer system for me? 

We can visit you in your home or offices to perform computer cleaning. We use the same air duster as pictured above. We provide support to everyone within the M25. 

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