Custom Built PC for Work and Gaming

Meet Damien, our resident custom PC builder. He's creating an Intel i7 (11th Generation) with 2 x M.2 solid state 1TB drives and 16GB of Ram. That's a super fast computer that will outperform most on the market.

The latest 11th Generation Intel processors are the fastest processors to date. 

Many high street retailers stock computer systems for many months and often struggle to sell their excess stock. Bank holiday sales and excessive price cuts usually reflect the computers age. 

Technological advances in computer components is fast-paced and those pre-built machines in high street stores become outdated quickly.

By purchasing your custom-built computer systems from SysFix, we ensure your new computer is not only fast but you have a direct point of contact from the offset and through the life of your PC. We provide fantastic IT support together with super-fast computer systems for avid gamers and companies looking for resilient machines.

Custom Built Computer

When you order a custom built gaming pc or a custom built pc for work, Damien, our resident expert will build your system to your requirements.

Fast Components for highly responsive applications

We use high quality DDR4 RAM and M.2 solid state drives, ensuring your custom built PC beats the competition.

For gamers, we can provide a range of dedicated graphics cards and RAM configurations together with high resolution monitors with fast refresh rates.

For businesses or home users looking for high performance workstations, we build PCs with both your budget and system requirements in mind.

Custom built PCs range from £700 (mid-range) to £3000 ( high end ).

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