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Clean laptop fan with compressed air

Inside your laptop is a processor, and a graphics chip, both of which can become extremely hot. These components are usually fitted with a fan that dissipates heat from within. Unless you're an experienced computer engineer or electrician, we do not recommend opening up your laptop to clean your fans. It's very time consuming and can be very fiddly!

Fans work by drawing in cool air to blow out the hotter air inside. Unfortunately, dust and other particles are drawn into your laptop which sits on your expensive equipment and most importantly, the fan. When a fan is covered in dust, it's cooling performance is diminished, resulting in a much poorer airflow.

If you have a laptop that is overheating, you will probably notice that the fan is making a lot of noise. This is because the aerodynamics of the fan has changed and also because the fan has to work harder to cool the computer because it's clogged with dust.

The easiest way to clean your laptop computer is to purchase an air duster. These cans of air blast out highly pressurised air into your laptop and dust is then blown out of the vents, increasing airflow which of course decreases the temperature of the laptop when it's running. This is a very inexpensive way to clean your laptop from dust and the improvement is highly significant.

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