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Welcome to SysFix Server Support

Our business has grown through reputation and great customer service delivered by our London based in-house technical support team. Our server support service is available to all businesses throughout the UK.

Server Support London

SysFix provide a comprehensive range of server consultancy and support services throughout the UK, primarily for small to medium sized businesses in London. We are a Microsoft Silver Partner that provides both on-site and remote server maintenance and support on an ad-hoc or contractual basis. 

Our IT Support company also provides a full range of IT support services including IT Support Contracts , server installation, same day and next business day (NBD) hardware and software support across the UK.

Fujitsu Server Support

SysFix are an authorised Fujitsu partner. We build and install servers based on your business requirements. For a custom made server quotation, please contact us.



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  • Server Backup Solutions +

    Our cloud server backup services provide automated backups to our servers in Croydon and Milton Keynes.
  • Microsoft Exchange Support +

    We provide support for Exchange 2003 to present release as well as migration to Office 365 or Exchange online.
  • Windows Server Support +

    Our IT consultants provide technical support and maintenance on all versions of Microsoft Server including SQL.
  • Server Installation +

    We can procure, build and install your small business server to match your business model and budget.
  • Server Monitoring +

    Proactive server monitoring reduces system downtime by taking action before issues become critical.
  • Looking For Server Assistance now? +

    You don't need to be on a contract with us to use our services. If you're looking for a one time fix, then please get in touch to book an appointment. Contact Us Now
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Benefits of a Server Maintenance Agreement

Reduced Downtime

Our server maintenance contract monitors your servers both day and night. We are alerted to possible faults and take action before they turn to more serious issues preventing extended downtime.

Fixed Monthly Fee

You pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited server support and ongoing maintenance. The only extras you'll pay are for On Site visits, cloud backup, antivirus and any subscription service such as office 365.

Patch Management

We ensure your servers are patched with the latest security updates to keep security holes closed tight. We also deploy WSUS to reduce the load on your internet connection of multiple machines downloading the same updates over and over.

Out of Hours Maintenance

We run the majority of server maintenance tasks outside of your businesses working hours which means your staff can work without interruption.

Managed Backups

We set up and configure your onsite backups and monitor them for any failures or technical issues. We manage the entire backup process to ensure your data is safe.

On Site Support

In the unlikely event that you have a catastrophic server failure, a member of our highly skilled team will visit you to either perform a server restore from backup or troubleshoot the issue. We guarantee to be there the same day on our premium plan.