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These guides are fixes to problems we've found whilst supporting our clients. They are not intended for the average user but for qualified IT staff working on servers and IT infrastructure. 

Emails stuck in outbox in Microsoft Outlook

We've all been there, those pesky messages informing you that Outlook failed to send and receive your messages. The constant loop is enough to drive you insane. Relax and be methodical in your approach or get help from an IT Support Company like SysFix.

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Lightroom encountered an error preview cache

Adobe Lightroom can sometimes throw an error message regarding the preview cache and needs to quit. Lightroom will automatically attempt to fix this problem the next time it starts but sometimes, further intervention is required to fix this issue. 

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4SEO Sitemap not found - Joomla Error 404 weeblr

After generating a sitemap with the Weeblr 4SEO component, then navigating to Sitemaps and attempting to access the generated link, a 404 Not found error is reported.

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w32mkde.exe not running error 20

This error is due to incorrect permissions on specific files, folders, and registry keys. We have found that Winner Design's installer, made by Compusoft doesn't always work so well and does not correctly set the required permissions.

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No Sound On external SIP Asterisk

If like us, you've spent months on Small Business IT Support, trying to find out why a perfectly installed FreePBX/Asterisk system will not work with an external SIP extension, then I really feel for you!

Asterisk is great "When It Works", but when it doesn't, You probably end up with many headaches and increased stress levels.

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Error: Unable to receive update information for the package(s) plesk

Plesk had trouble updating both the Linux operating system and downloading Plesk Obsidian updates. The following error messages below were o...

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DISM Error 0x800f081f - The source files could not be found

You'll probably have already run the  sfc /scannow command in an elevated command prompt. Chances are, it found corrupt files and was unable to correct them.

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How to reset the OVH ESXi root password on 5.5 and 6

When you purchase an OVH dedicated server and select to install ESXi, you'll receive a temporary password. What they fail to mention is that the password you're sent expires after around 30 days. OVH is unable to reset the password and does not have a record of it. Their response is to reinstall the ESXi server and copy off any data from your ESXi hosts beforehand. Obviously, this is a very poor response from OVH and there was no way in the world we were about to perform a full reinstallation.

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Slow transfer rates with openVPN on pfsense with dropped pings

We ran into an issue recently with transferring files between a server and a workstation. They were connected via openVPN client and a pfsense router running OpenVPN server. We found that when pinging the pfsense from the connected client, pings worked fine. The main issue came however when we attempted to copy a file from the server to the client. 

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Error 0x800F0954 Installing .NET Framework 2.0, 3.5 on Windows Server

The most common cause of being unable to install an optional feature on Windows server is that you have previously configured up Microsoft WSUS (Windows Server Update Services). 

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