Remote Server Maintenance

Remote server maintenance allows us to provide IT Support remotely , ensuring that your server is functioning to the best of its ability and is patched with the latest security updates and service packs.

Servers are prime targets for hackers because they hold your most valuable company data. Those dealing with financial transactions are at even greater risk with the hackers prime aim to steal credit card information and anything of value.

Our team of consultants and engineers remotely provide you and your business with pro-active IT Support, protecting your IT investment from hackers looking to steal your company data.

As well as dealing with security, there are many other purposes of choosing a server maintenance contract, some of which include;

  • Remote server support.
  • Updating/Patching and ensuring the server is running as it should.
  • Event monitoring – fixing small errors before they become crippling.
  • Backup monitoring – ensuring backups are completed successfully.
  • Managing group policies, password policies and access restrictions.
  • Managing user accounts and their access rights.
  • Managing remote access to the server through RWW, Terminal Services and VPN.
  • Exchange server onsite and remote support.

Microsoft windows server maintenance can be quite time consuming when you take into account all the different aspects of a server such as managing DHCP scopes, DNS and group policies. A remote server maintenance contract takes care of all server configuration issues for a fixed monthly fee.  You can obtain a remote server maintenance quote here.

Crystal Palace Computer Repair

SysFix now provide PC Repair and  IT Support Contracts within your home or business in the following areas.

Crystal Palace
East Croydon

SysFix IT Support relocated their main office to Croydon in 2013.
For more information or to book an appointment or to simply enquire about our vast range of services, call us on 020 30957740 or contact us here.

Why Your Event Needs Free Wifi Internet

Social Media is HUGE!
You may not be interested in it, or even agree with it. You may think it’s just a complete waste of time but lets look at some statistics.

Social Media Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are the most used websites after Google.

As you can see from the chart above, The most used websites are Facebook, Twitter and Google.


Why You Need To Offer Your Customers Free WiFi Internet If You’re A Nightclub Owner or Host an Event.

Free wifiWith Social Media dominating the internet right now, you’d be a fool to not be a part of it. Social Media allows your “Followers” or those interested in your event, product or service to communicate their thoughts, feelings and overall perception of your offering to their friends, and their friends friends and so on.

But what if you have a nightclub in a basement or more generally, an event or even a shop where your customer has poor mobile phone reception.

Chances are, you’ve just missed out on Free Publicity because your customer couldn’t post an update to their Facebook or Twitter page. To a non  savvy, this may sound ridiculous, but seriously, do you know how much time people spend on Social Media websites?

By offering your customers Free Internet Access in your venue, you increase the chances of your customers being able to talk about you and promote you to their circle of friends and their followers.

The more people that follow your brand – the wider audience you can target your marketing towards.

When your customer logs-on to your Free internet service, you can automatically redirect them to your Facebook or Twitter page. This is invaluable if you’re hosting an event.

Setup and Installation Costs

Chances are you already have an internet connection in your venue but we discourage sharing this connection with your customers if you’re hosting a large event greater than a handful of customers.

The installation of a second connection costs around £129 for a new BT line and then around £55 per month for a business grade internet connection and around £16 line rental per month. The equipment needed for your broadband internet installation within your venue depends on the size of the venue. A special router is needed that is capable of providing internet access to your customers as well as redirecting them to your “call to action” page –  The page where you would like them to participate.

This type of router costs around £300.
To ensure connectivity around all areas of your venue, you would require wireless extenders to boost the free wifi signal around your event. These typically cost around £150 per device.

That’s a small price to pay for free on-going publicity.

SysFix provide a range of internet access options for events, nightclubs and small businesses tailored to your needs. For more information, please call SysFix on 020 30957740 for a no obligation chat or to order, please purchase the standard setup below.

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Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are just a waste of time

Social media is Pointless

Is Social Media a complete waste of time?

Social Media has been a controversial topic for many over the past few years whether it’s the age old question “What’s the point?” or the fact that people waste endless amounts of time filling the internet with complete rubbish.

” I’m off out”
“I Need computer help”
“Not in a happy place right now”



I put the question to a Google Group called “Social Media Strategy” in the hope of finding some useful answers.

Summary of Discussion

  1. Social media is duplicated across Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Whilst it appears as “duplicated content” or spam to some, each platform has different demographics, different people with different interests, at different locations and of different ages. This is why it’s important to publish your content to them all to catch a wide demographic.


  1. Social media can be extremely spammy but it does have a place in business and home life for communicating to your niche or group of people with a like minded interest. There are a lot of useful replies to my question which leads me to believe that it is an extremely useful tool for learning new skills and gleaning new information. After all, I would not have been able to write this blog post without Social Media.


  1. Social Media is pointless if you are unable to attract “followers” or engage in a topical discussion. How you write the topic of conversation is extremely important. I had no idea that the way I wrote my question sparked a conversation because the question or topic was controversial. I earnt 7 followers from my question and that means that they are interested in what I have to say. Perhaps the topic was nothing to do with what we offer which is IT Support but perhaps one day, when we do write an article about a new product or service, those people will be interested and spread the word. There is more chance of them being interested in our product or service because they made a personal decision to “follow” us.


  1. Social Media can spiral out of control. I found myself wasting a whole Saturday morning reading posts and replying to them. No offence to the people who took time to respond – they were most helpful. My issue is – It’s not 11am on a Saturday and I’ve not done anything I set out to do today. Know your limits and set objectives, goals and perhaps even go as far to set half a day aside to dedicate your efforts towards social media. Even as a personal user, don’t waste your life on Facebook, Twitter or Google plus, Use it responsibly.


  1. Don’t use Social Media as a way to submit a link. No one is interested without conversation, hype, a personal following of your chosen subject. Create content that is engaging in a way that people will want to reply. More followers = A wider Audience to promote to at a later date. Remember – whilst you will not get immediate results and 20 million hits to your website, you are creating brand awareness. People who did not know me now have “heard of me” and my company “SysFix IT Support“.


Social Media has a place. It’s not right for everyone, takes a lot of time but when done right, the results can generate a lot of targeted traffic and you’ll learn a lot along the way – If you have the time!

You can read the full ongoing discussion here.


Virgin Media Increase Prices

Customers of Virgin Media have been receiving letters stating that prices will be increasing by £2.50 per month for their service and that you’re “Still Getting A Good Broadband Service”

Virgin customers do not have to pay for a landline like traditional broadband customers if they only use the internet but with prices on the increase, there are certainly cheaper broadband providers out there.

The price increase comes just 6 months after Virgin Media was bought out for£15bn by American cable tycoon John Malone’s Liberty Global.

Home Workers in Croydon Save Money

Working from home in Croydon

Work From Anywhere and at  Any Time with a Business VPN. Access your company data, Email Systems and bespoke packages remotely.

Train Fares are set to rise again in 2014 by 4.1% making the Journey from EAST CROYDON to Victoria AROUND £5.80 COMPARED TO £4.80 on Oyster at Peak Times.

Since the London Olympics, more and more people are working from home and why not? Just working from home 1 day a week could potentially save you a whopping £395 (on oyster) for this short journey. Those travelling on longer distances would save even more so it makes sense.

It’s not just good news for Employees, there are also benefits for Employers too. Implementing home working schemes can form part of your disaster recovery plan, can increase employee productivity and wellbeing and free up desk space for use by interns and work experience staff.

SysFix IT Support in Croydon provide local businesses with a wide range of IT Services including the establishment of remote working technology. They can be contacted on 020 30957740 or by EMail

* Calculation based on an Oyster return journey at £7.90 multiplied by 50 weeks per year.

All Hard Drives Will Eventually FAIL

Nothing lasts forever, especially when it’s mechanical.

Hard Drives or Hard Disks , in both Laptop and Desktop computers WILL all eventually die. This is because they are made up of moving parts.

Just like your car engine, parts wear, eventually break and need to be replaced so it’s important that you BACKUP your important documents on a regular basis.

You can backup your files by either usb, cd/dvd or an online backup service like SysFix Backup Pro.

As well as traditional drives failing, even the new (SSD) solid state drives will also fail. This new storage medium only has the capacity to read and write to the devices so many times before they too start to fail.

I often wonder if manufacturers deliberately engineer these products to fail so we re-purchase in later years.

Is My Wireless Secure?

Most people simply won’t know!

Wireless Internet Security
Many of us take the view that as long as it works, that’s all we need to know. We’re not interested in the How or Why, but ask yourself this – Is My Wireless Secure?

Is Anyone else using it without my knowledge?

If the answer is “I don’t know” – then you need to get a Wireless Router Security Check



Why Isn’t Wireless Secure?

Wireless or WiFi as it’s also know is the ability to provide internet, file transfer and basic networking over the airwaves. You cannot simply restrict those airwaves to the boundaries of your home, but instead, they propagate out until the signal dwindles away.

This means that people outside your home can see your wireless network. If you have no security at all, then anyone can join your wireless network and access everything connected to your wireless router.

“It’s just like leaving your front door open for anyone to walk in and take whatever they like”

WEP, WPA and WPA2 Security

Most wireless routers have built in security features that are more often than not, disabled by default.

WEP (40 bit encryption) is the weaker of the 3 main security encryption methods and although this method does offer some form of protection, it’s quite easy to simply guess the password by using some freely available software. I’ve personally tested this and have successfully hacked into a network, fully able to monitor all internet traffic, passwords, websites and take any file from any computer connected to the router.

WPA (128 bit encryption) was the successor to WEP as a quick fix to resolve the hackability of WEP.

WPA2 doesn’t work for everyone as both your wireless router and wireless card built in to your smartphone, laptop etc must support WPA2. Many people who have set up WPA2 have reverted to WPA because one of their devices wasn’t able to connect to the router. WPA2 also marginally requires more processing power to decrypt the data putting extra strain on the router and resulting in slightly slower performance albeit, more secure.

Wireless Hotspots – Internet Cafes and Open Networks

This may surprise some of you!
When you connect to a public wifi hotspot – Lets say “Starbucks, McDonalds etc”, everyone that’s using this free service is on the same network. Everyone has connected via the same internet box at the back of the shop just as your friends and family connect to yours at home.  There is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE in connecting to a public network such as these than having no security on your own home or business router or allowing a hacker easy access to your network.

If you have no firewall software on your computer or have “file sharing” enabled, then EVERYONE in the same coffee shop can access YOUR COMPUTER and take what they like. Advanced users could even monitor the network for usernames and passwords, gaining access to your bank or email accounts. It sounds really easy and i’m afraid – it really is.

If you use public wireless hotspots and don’t have any firewall software on your computer or aren’t sure whether you do – I’d personally recommend Eset Smart Security. There are free products out there but they’re generally Free for a reason – they just aren’t good enough to sell as they don’t work so good.

The Bottom Line…

Take the opportunity to check whether you have correctly enabled wireless security on your home or business router. It really is important and with identity theft on the increase,  it makes good sense to ensure you’re protected.

If you’re not sure how to do this, SysFix can set up wireless router security and guide you through re-connecting your devices once encryption is in place.

If you’re REALLY WORRIED about wireless and it’s hackability, the failsafe method is to use network cables instead. The cables stay within your home, the door is locked and there is no way for the cable to escape outside of the perimeter of your home or business. Wireless Can!


Tottenham Court Road Computer Shops

Tottenham Court Road computer shops used to be a geek’s paradise for Computer Supplies and those looking for a pc repair but in recent years, it’s rapid decline leaves just a handful of retailers. Take a short walk from Tottenham Court Road Tube Station and you’ll find one end of the street to the other shows boarded up outlets and stores in demise brought on by the increased interest in online shopping and the recession that hit the UK a few years ago that doesn’t seem to want to give up it’s grasp.

Micro Anvika was one of the largest and most popular retailers on Tottenham Court Road but with increased rents and  low public spending , went into receivership in 2012.

Over the last few years, we’ve lost many high street stores that we’ve been brought up with and indeed depended on in times gone by. Woolworths, Blockbuster, Comet, HMV, Zavvi, Dixons and the more recent closure of Jessops photography stores shows an ongoing trend of high street technology retailers closing due to the online shopping revolution. The number of Tottenham Court Shops open for business is rapidly in decline.

When I look back, I shopped in every single one of those stores but now, we’re left with the faceless outlets that operate in cyberspace with poor to non-existent customer service, no service with a smile and certainly no ….

There certainly doesn’t seem to be as much brand loyalty online as we all scour for vouchers and discount codes to make our purchases even cheaper.

On the plus side, businesses like us that provide on site and remote IT support benefit as more and more people turn to the internet to find products and services and solutions to their problems.

SysFix provide On-Site support to Belgravia, Covent Garden, and all areas of W1 including Marylebone, Holborn, Euston , Baker Street and Russell Square.

As the end of an era draws closer, are we set to lose our high street shopping experience for good in exchange for shopping from the comfort of our own home.

Can A Business IT Support Contract Save You Money

A Business IT Support Contract provides you and your business with your own IT Support team for a fixed fee per month.

Many businesses simply call an IT Expert when a problem arises and costs can spiral out of control. This is called Reactive IT Support. A business will only seek help for a problem as it occurs which can cause significant downtime, data loss and more.

A computer support contract provides “ProActive IT Support”.
For those of you who have come from a corporate background and are used to having an IT team on standby when things go wrong – then this will be familiar to you.

Rather than solving problems WHEN THEY OCCUR, a maintenance contract will ensure that your IT Team are working on your systems to provide proactive security updates, system improvements, monitoring and more. They actually become part of your team as opposed to selecting individual computer engineers who are readily available at that time you have a disaster.

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IT Support Prices

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