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Business Lite
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Price excluding VAT: £32.50

Up to 24mb/1.3mb, normal contention

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LLU Based Broadband

LLU Broadband is for customers that want an alternative to BT based broadband.


Packages and Potential Speeds

Available Broadband Packages

Product Bandwidth
(Up To Download / Up To Upload)
Monthly Allowance
Home Broadband Value 12Mbps/1.3Mbps Unlimited
Business Broadband Lite 24Mbps/1.3Mbps Unlimited
Business Broadband Pro 24Mbps/2.5Mbps Unlimited
Business Broadband  Pro A 1.3Mbps/1.3Mbps Unlimited
Business Broadband Pro M 2.5Mbps/2.5Mbps Unlimited







We have no upload or download restrictions on our network so you can upload and download as much as you like!

* Price shown is a "Price Per Month" and you will be billed monthly for broadband services.
* This purchase will act as your first months payment.
* The contract period for this plan is 90 Days.



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