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Event Broadband Hotspot

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Offer Your Customers Free Internet Access

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Offer Free Internet Access To Your Customers

By offering free internet access to your customers and automatically redirecting them to your Social Media page or Website, you have the opportunity of obtaining Free Publicity from the use of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Our package consists of the following:

1. Installation of a dedicated phone line for your new Internet Service

2. Provisioning of a Business Grade Broadband service.

3. A pre-configured WiFi router that will automatically redirect your customer to your chosen website when they connect.

4. A seperate WiFi network for your staff to use, securely hidden away from your customers.

5. Up to 25 metres of cabling.

6. A free WiFi extender to broadcast your connection further.

7. First Month's payment of £64.50 ex Vat for line rental and Internet service.
(Subsequent months collected by standing order or credit/debit card)


Read Why Offering Your Customers Free Internet Access Provides Benefits To Your Business

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