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IT support for software errors

Software Errors

We can fix most software issues using our remote IT support service. Error messages, software crashing, book an appointment today to fix your computer.

Virus removal service

Virus Removal

An online pc support appointment will allow us to remove viruses, malware, and spyware from your computer. We also suggest using our managed antivirus services.

Fix a slow pc computer with a PC Health check.

Fix A Slow PC

We perform a pre-determined set of tasks on your computer to improve overall performance and stability. Great if your computer seems slow.

Computer RAM memory upgrade

RAM Upgrade

Upgrade your PC for an increased performance boost. A RAM Upgrade allows more programs to operate at once without a performance drop.

Microsoft Windows installation and reinstallation.

Windows Installation

A corrupt Microsoft Windows installation due to a failed Windows update or failed hard disk requires a fresh install. We can perform this for you onsite or at our offices.

Graphics card support for pc computers and laptops

Graphics Issues

Lines across the screen or pixelated graphics usually mean your graphics card (GPU) is dying. A  new graphics card or motherboard will be required.

Data recovery service London

Data Recovery

Deleted a file by accident or migrated to a new machine. We can recover data from most computers and devices including iPods, iPhones, Hard Drives and Memory Cards.

Computer won't turn on. PC won't start

PC Won't Start

If you have problems booting your computer, an engineer callout is required or you can bring your PC to us. A Reinstallation of Windows or macOS is often required.

Email support service for Outlook, Windows live mail, POP3, IMAP and Exchange

Email Problems

We can fix email problems such as emails stuck in outbox, emails not sending in Outlook, Windows Live Mail PO3 and IMAP Settings, etc. 

Wi-Fi network support. Slow wifi, poor wifi signal and lack of wifi coverage.

Wi-Fi Problems

Poor signal strength and coverage can slow internet speeds on wireless devices. We offer a range of solutions to extend your wifi network to improve internet speed.

Faulty power supply unit, PSU for PC computers

Faulty PSU

If you hear a bang or can smell burning, it's likely to be a failed power supply unit. We can install a new power supply which requires an engineer to visit your home or business.

Printer setup and support. Wifi printer setup.

Printer Setup

WiFi Printer setup or Wired printer setup in your own home or by remote support. All printers are supported including Brother, Canon, HP, Samsung, and Epson.