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w32mkde.exe not running error 20

This error is due to incorrect permissions on specific files, folders, and registry keys. We have found that Winner Design's installer, made by Compusoft doesn't always work so well and does not correctly set the required permissions.

When you launch Winner Design, you receive the following error message;

After initially contacting Compusoft regarding the issue, although they tried to be helpful, they did not fix the issue. Their response was to simply "run as admin". 

If you're running Winner Design over a network, by running Winner as admin, you'll lose access to your shared drives. This in turn means you'll lose access to your network drives and be unable to save exports into your client folders on the server.

This is a security risk as it allows the end-user full access to the machine, granting them access to install unwanted software and viruses. After spending a good amount of time on this for our client, we eventually found the solution no thanks to Compusoft support. 

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