UK IT Support company offers FREE Server for businesses

SysFix, a provider of IT Support Packages for small businesses have taken the unusual step of offering all it's new clients, a free Small Business Server for the duration of their IT contract. This is great news for small businesses looking to expand, without the huge costs involved in purchasing their own equipment.

The free server allows businesses to share files internally whilst implementing rigorous security measures which protect business-critical data to authorised users only. The server also allows VPN connections allowing staff to work from home whilst still having access to company data and resources securely. Some of the other benefits a small business server could make to a business include;

IDS: Intrusion Detection System.

HTTP Proxy: Speed up internet access and impose viewing and usage restrictions resulting in increased productivity.

Traffic Priority: Give dedicated speed to specific people or services.

Mail Server: Host E-Mail internally.

HTTP Server: Host your own Website internally.

Online Backup: Option to back up all company data.

The offer of a free server is open to all small businesses operating within the UK who have at least 3 machines under a support contract. Installation and configuration is completely free excluding any expenses.

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