The Impact of the Westfield Shopping Centre Fiasco and High Street Demise on Croydon Businesses: An IT Support Perspective

This article explores how these events have affected Croydon businesses, with a particular focus on the role of IT support in helping them navigate these challenging times.


Digital Living in Croydon: How Technology Shapes the Daily Lives of 395,000 Residents

Croydon, situated in South London, has seen a steady increase in its population, which now stands at around 395,000 residents as of 2024. This growth is consistent with trends observed across London and the broader UK, driven by both natural population growth and immigration (Office for National Statistics) (Croydon Observatory)


SysFix Supports Croydon's Army Cadet Force

Croydon's 144 army cadet detatchment received 2 laptops this week to aid them with their training. The children and young adults will use the equ...

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