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Office Computer Cleaning helps to Prevent Staff Sickness

Swine Flu Germs are Everywhere, which is why our Office Computer Cleaning Service helps keep the level of germs and bacteria to a minimum.

The fans inside your computers blow and suck air in and out to aid cooling but unfortunately, also acts as a dust collecting device, but where is all the dust going? The answer is, in your computer, gathering more and more as each day goes on.

Dust inside computers leads to overheating of the CPU, clogs up fans, decreases system performance and speed,  makes the computer a lot hotter than it should be and decreases the lifespan of your machine, not to mention the germs it harvests.

Did You Know -These Bugs and Bacteria Live on Your Keyboard and Telephone

Enterobacteriaceae - This group of bacteria lives in the stomachs of humans and animals.

Coliform - Found in earth, air and soil, these bugs are associated with faecal matter.

E-coli - These are strong indicators of poor hygiene, they are predominantly from faecal matter.

Staphylococcus Aureus - Found on human skin and can cause illnesses like skin infections and food poisoning if it enters the body.

Salmonella typhimurium - Multiplies in the gastrointestinal tract of many animal species where it usually causes no disease, but in humans its growth causes gastroenteritis. Six to 48 hours after ingestion of contaminated water or food (usually poultry or beef), illness may begin with nausea and vomiting, often followed by diarrhea.

We will provide you with essential hygiene tips approved by doctors for you and your staff to read through, we will provide your office with sanitising equipment and we will provide your company with whatever it needs to maintain a hygienic, clean environment.

Eco Friendly
We only use Eco friendly, non-toxic, asthma friendly products.

Fact: Over 7000 new cases of asthma are reported each year, just for people that work in offices.
Fact: Many germs can be spread by the telephone.
Fact: A keyboard is a tray and catches nasal droppings, food, skin, hair, dust and nails.
Fact: We cover the whole of the UK – Whenever you need us.

A Deep Computer Clean consists of:

  • Fact Sheet Providing Essential Germ Combating Information and Swine Flu Prevention Advice.

  • Personal Desk & Computer Sanitisation Products.

  • A Full external and Internal clean of your Workstation (Laptop or Desktop)

  • Keyboard Cleaning & Sanitisation

  • Desk Surface Sanitisation

  • Telephone Sanitisation.

  • Chair Sanitisation

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Before the cleaning takes place, you can see that the Fan is heavaily clogged with dust. This is made up of fibres, dead skin cells, pollen and anything else the gets drawn into the unit. The perfect breeding ground for bacteria!

The purpose of internal fans is to draw in cooler air from the outside to reduce the temperature of the CPU and prevent overheating.  The fan in this picture is unable to draw enough air in to keep the system cool because of the thick layer of dust.

As a result, the system tries to compensate for this and turns up the fan speed which means a very loud PC and with still little improvement.

After the machine has been cleaned, all dust from the fans and board is removed, resulting in improved airflow, quieter operation, lower CPU temperature, lower internal temperature all of which leads to a healthier and quieter PC.

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