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How To Prevent Laptops Overheating

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Laptop computers are becoming smaller, lighter, and more powerful, all of which contribute to increased heat generation. As technology advances, laptops are becoming smaller in size. The demands of users however stay pretty constant. Everyone demands the best for the cheapest possible price. There are however a few ways that we can show you to help prevent laptops from becoming too hot.

Where to place your laptop

Always ensure that your laptop is on a flat, hard surface. The heat will usually escape through vents underneath the laptop or from the sides.
Using your laptop on surfaces such as carpets, beds, or placed on your knees will restrict airflow. The heat will not be able to escape, increasing the temperature of the laptop further.

The heat from your laptop can be especially dangerous when using the device on your lap and can lead to infertility in men.
Processors within laptops are usually programmed to switch off automatically when they reach 95 degrees to prevent damage to hardware but unfortunately, at this temperature, severe burns to legs can also happen. Always ensure your laptop is free from obstruction.

If you do not have a flat surface or are using your laptop in bed, we would recommend that you invest in a laptop heat dissipation mat. There are a number of different brands available and they are extremely cheap too. The Belkin Laptop Mat is a good choice and is suitable for laptops up to 18.4 inches. 

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