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Cheap Computer Repair in Clapham

The Clapham Experiment - Does Social Media Really Work?

SysFix IT Support is a local provider of computer maintenance services for both businesses and home users alike. As an experiment, we're looking at how social media can potentially increase sales for small businesses and whether people actually take note of advertisements or read such posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Does offering a discount from time to time benefit both customers and businesses alike or is it a complete waste of time.

Computer repairs in Clapham

The Offer 

From the 24th to the 30th of June 2016, we're offering the residents of Clapham a 50% discount off our remote computer repair service (£ 66.00 Reduced to  £55) and 20% off our On-Site service (£ 90.00 Reduced to £60) inclusive of VAT per hour. The special discount is open to both home and business users however the example pricing is shown is for home users only. Both home and businesses will receive 50% and 20% off the corresponding services. 

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