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Virus Removal Service

Our virus and spyware removal service is conducted remotely using our remote support service. Sometimes of course this is not possible as viruses can restrict access to your machine. Where remote support is not possible, we will visit you at your location and remove the virus on-site.

We always recommend using antivirus software that includes both a firewall and anti malware protection. We highly recommend eSet Smart Security which can be purchased directly from us for £39.99 per pc per year. All antivirus products purchased from SysFix are installed free of charge (remotely).

Products such as Norton, Mcafee and Kaspersky are somewhat over bloated and tend to slow computers down in our experience. There are also a number of free antivirus products around however they are nowhere near as good at protecting your system as a commercial product.

What is the difference between a Virus and Malware?

A virus nowadays is considered rare however we still use the term to describe a type of computer issue or attack. A virus historically was a hackers way of bringing down a network of machines by causing disruption through software which replicated itself from one machine to another. Typically the name virus has stuck with us. Criminals now find that it's more profitable to create software that extorts money from individuals through redirects to affiliate sites that pay them a commission for the number of visits , record your keystrokes capturing bank account passwords and more recently, encrypting your entire computer then holding you to ransom to retrieve your files by purchasing from them, a security key to decrypt your data. 

Is it true that Apple Macs Don't get viruses?

It's a misconception that mac computers are not susceptible to virus and malware attacks. It is however true that they suffer from these types of exploits far less than Windows computers. A typical example was the keRanger exploit released in March 2016 which encrypted user data then asked for a ransom to get them back.

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