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Small business telephone systems.
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Cloud Hosted VOIP telephone solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.
The Best VOIP Features

Hunt Groups, Menu Systems, Conferencing, Call Queues, Music on Hold and Reporting

Managed Cloud VOIP

All our services are fully managed by us. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Business Landlines

Traditional business landline installation from just £22 per month.

What Is VOIP? 

VOIP stands for "Voice Over Internet Protocol" or in layman's terms, a telephone service which operates over the internet as opposed to fixed lines under and above the road. An internet enabled telephone connects to a hosted VOIP provider like ourselves who then route your call over traditional telephone lines but for a much lower price than a traditional telephone system. ou can even use mobile voip via an app on your smartphone.

To use Voice over IP, you need an internet connection, a VOIP compatible telephone and an VOIP service to make and receive telephone calls. You can have a working VOIP telephone line in as little as 24 hours.

The Drawbacks 

Because voIP operates over the internet, if your internet connection drops, so does your telephone line. Equally, if your internet connection is slow or you're on a connection where lots of people are downloading large files, this may also affect the quality of your call. However, for businesses that need more than 3 lines, we recommend using a dedicated internet connection for voIP traffic to ensure the service and call quality is reliable.

Being able to use your regional based number abroad, lower costs and shorter contract terms makes voIP a great solution whilst its advantages outweigh its drawbacks.

IS PSTN Better? 

PSTN is a traditional telephone service with physical wires to your building known as "Landlines" or "Analogue Lines". Whilst landlines do provide great call quality and reliability, the cost is somewhat more expensive and the feature set is much more limited, especially if your budget is too. 

SysFix offers both analogue telephone systems and Voice over IP. As a cost comparison, 3 Landlines would cost 3x £95 installation plus £15 per month for each line whilst VOIP would cost 3x £35  installation plus £5 per month per line. Over a 1 year term, the analogue system would cost £960 whilst Voice over IP would cost £165.  

Benefits of VOIP

Cheaper Line Rental

Unlike BT, TalkTalk, Sky, Virgin and many other telephone providers, Line rental charges with our voice over IP service are significantly lower.

Shorter Contracts

There's Just 90 day contract periods on our VOIP products so you're not tied in to lengthy contracts with your voip service provider.

Lower Call Costs

Our call charges are lower than BT saving you even more on your business telephone calls.

Telephone Portability

Take your telephone home or abroad and your number moves with you automatically no matter which country you are in at no extra cost.

Customised Services

Add on extras such as menu systems, voicemail and hunt groups to ring all phones at once.


Download Our VOIP Brochure

VOIP Brochure

  • VOIP Express
  • VOIP Enrich

VOIP Express

This package is suitable for businesses or individuals looking for a simple voice over IP package with basic features. It is ideal if you just want a low cost phone line with no special features,

VOIP Enrich

This is our most popular service. With options for call queues, the ability to ring multiple extensions within a team at once (hunt groups), voicemail, menu systems and more, this package will grow with you.