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SEO Examples of our work

We aren't shy about disclosing examples of our work. Infact, we're vey proud of the work we do. All our work has resulted in first page placements on Google, that is, all apart from one which we are currently working towards.

Keep an eye out for the keyword "IT Support London" ,which we're aiming on pushing up to the first page. SEO takes a vast amount of time and work. Unless we reach a top placement, we don't get paid so we're always motivated to succeed.
13-08-2010 - "IT Support London" keyword,  Now Position 6 on Google!
Joan Williams provides a number of recreational services in her hometown of Rotherham and required a high ranking on Google in order to stand out from her competitiors.

Keyword Position On Google Position Last Checked On
Aerobics Classes Rotherham 1 02-01-2010
Yoga Rotherham 1 02-01-2010
Spanish Classes In Rotherham 1 02-01-2010
Step Classes In Rotherham 1 02-01-2010
At SysFix, we provide IT Services to Small and Medium Businesses throughout London. As you can imagine, we use a lot of keywords as we provide a wide range of services.

Keyword Position On Google Position Last Checked On
Computer Repair London 1 02-01-2010
PC Repair London 2 02-01-2010
Broadband Installation London 1 02-01-2010
Computer Repairs London 1 02-01-2010
Computer Maintenance London 2 02-01-2010
Computer Support London 1 02-01-2010