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Laptop Repair London. Laptop Repairs Service

laptop repairs for all makes of laptop

Laptop Repair Services

Laptop Screen Repalcement

Screen Replacement 

LED and LCD Screen replacement. Cracked screens, lines on screen. Invertor board replacement. 13.3" Apple Screens also replaced.
From: £149.00 
Windows Installation

Power Pin Repair

Laptop Not Charging? You may need a Laptop power jack repair or power socket repair.Laptop charger testing. Power pin replacement takes around 2-3 working days.
Fixed Fee: £129.00 
Laptop Audio Jack Repair

Audio Jack Repair

Laptop headphone Jack repair. Sound not working? Broken Audio Socket?
Laptop Audio Jack Repair takes around 2-3 working days.
Fixed Fee: £129.00 
PC Health Check

Laptop Health Check

A pre-determined set of general housekeeping tasks we perform on your computer to improve overall performance and stability.

Wireless Problems

If you have problems with your broadband internet, wireless or wired network or simply need assistance setting up a new broadband installation or network, we can help.
Data Recovery

Data Recovery Service

Deleted a file by accident or migrating to a new machine. We can recover data from most computers and devices including IPods, IPhones, Hard Drives and Memory Cards.   

Memory Upgrade

Upgrade your computer hardware for increased performance. A memory Upgrade and Hard Drive Upgrade brings a huge performance boost.
Computer Training

NVIDIA Graphics 

If you're unlucky enough to suffer a graphics chip failure, we can reball your circuits (90% success rate). This procedure can take several weeks.
Fixed Fee: £149.00 



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