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Breaking into a wireless network is one of the easiest ways a hacker can gain access to your personal data, stealing passwords and heightening your risk of identity theft.

Most broadband routers have inbuilt wifi security features but more often than not, they're either not activated or have been set up incorrectly. 

Our wireless router security check ensures you're not an easy target. 



Ask Yourself the question: Is My Wireless Secure?

Most people simply won't know the answer! 


The Risks Of Using WiFi

What Are The Risks of An Unprotected Network?

Wireless Internet and Wireless networks bring great advantages to home and small businesses, however inproper installation and configuration can leave you vulnerable to attacks from hackers, compromising your computer security and data.

Wireless networks or (wiFi) is broadcast over the 2.4 GHz, or 5GHz band, a public area of radio bandwidth reserved for wireless devices such as wireless networks, wireless phones or wireless mice and keyboards.

Leaving a wireless network "open" brings many risks, some of which include;

  1. Anyone being able to make use of your internet connection
  2. Anyone being able to view machines connected to your network
  3. Anyone being able to view or steal files from your computers or servers
  4. Anyone being able to monitor traffic being transmitted over your network such as passwords, bank details, pin codes and emails.

Scenario 1:
A hacker or 3rd party could use a stolen credit card to purchase goods and services, Over your internet connection. All this traces back to YOU!

A 3rd party could be looking at illicit illegal images using your internet connection.
Any activity over your network is all logged against your name!

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