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Computer maintenance covers such a wide scope, its physically impossible to list every single service we could provide. One thing's for sure though, If you don't take care of your equipment, it won't take care of you - And this as most of us know happens when we need our Computers and Laptops the most.

PC Maintenance or Computer Maintenance is a "general term" we use for maintaining and repairing computer systems. This could be something as simple as a computer valet:- The internal and external cleaning of a machine or a more complicated task such as restoring a corrupt file which stops Microsoft windows from starting.

Here are just some of the terms our services can be referred to as:

Internal PC Valet
Computer Cleaning
Defragment Disk
Remove Temp Files
Speed Up Computer
Remove Spyware
Remove Adware
Remove Malware
Undelete Files
Repair Registry
Repair Corrupt File
Reinstall Windows
Recover Documents
Backup Files
PC Backups
Create User Profiles
Internet Filtering
Firewall Installation
Internet Sharing
Optimise Bios
Problem Solving
Fix Error Messages
Virus Scans
Memory Check
Swap File Optimisation
Remove Programs
Install Programs
Password Protect PC
Fix Word Errors
Fix Excel Errors
Fix Outlook Errors
Computer Servicing
Spyware Removal

So as you can appreciate, there are many services we can provide, and the above is just a small selection from the most recent queries we received.

Most of the above maintenance tasks are offered in our 2 main computer services. We can solve your computer problems easily and efficiently - All you need to do is tell us the problem and we'll do the rest.