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Hosted Email -- Microsoft Exchange Office 365 Migration

Professional Exchange Migration Services

Less Management, Improved Performance and Increased Reliability makes moving to Office 365 a "No Brainer" But,
Is It Right For You?


Moving from an on-premise email solution to the cloud is not for everyone. Our IT consultants will examine your environment and advise whether it's right for you and provide a proposal for a fixed fee of £299.


Ready to Proceed?  We will draw up a free quotation for the scope of work involved based on the estimated project duration, number of users and mailboxes and migration type. 


If you'd like to speak with an advisor, please Contact us now to book a consultant to review your systems.

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The duration of the exchange migration depends on the number of mailboxes and end users that you have, the size of the mailboxes and public folders and your internet connection. A typical migration of 20 mailboxes takes around 2 weeks with full planning although much of this is done behind the scenes.

We support migrating email accounts from Microsoft Exchange server 2003 through to 2013 including Small Business Server. We can also migrate from Google Apps Gmail and standard IMAP and POP3 accounts.

Some features of an on-premise installation are not available in Office 365. Internet bandwidth is also a key factor and for some migrations, you may need to upgrade your internet connection as data flow will be increasing.

The cost of an Exchange, Gmail, IMAP, or POP3 migration depends on the number of mailboxes, users and mailbox size as this determines how much time is needed to migrate. Each client would therefore require a different amount of time dedicated to the project to plan, migrate and test. 

As a general rule of thumb, we charge £35 excluding VAT per mailbox, public folder or shared mailbox. If you have 10 members of staff and do not use public folders or shared mailboxes, then a estimated cost would be £350.00 presuming there are no extra factors involved that cause a greater migration time.

Yes, As a Microsoft Partner, We provide the full suite of Office 365 products. Our licences are cheaper than buying direct from Microsoft. If you require us to manage your entire Exchange environment from adding users, setting permissions and setting up the more advanced features, we can do that too for a small fee per mailbox.

We think not. GMail is nowhere near as developed as Office 365. The features available with hosted exchange are far superior to those provided by Google and standard POP and IMAP accounts. Once you migrate to Exchange, you will fall in love with EMail again!


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Before The Migration

We examine your current email environment and draw up a migration plan in order to document a thorough process to ensure that everyone knows what will happen, when it will happen and what is required from each party. We can migrate from Google Apps Mail, IMAP, POP3 and on-premise Exchange servers.

During The Migration

Once we start the exchange migration, we ensure that key members of your team are kept within the loop every step of the way. We keep email downtime to a minimum and put in place measures to help ensure that no email data is lost during the migration.

After The Migration

Now that your email is cloud based, we can provide an ongoing IT Maintenance Contract providing support and assistance where necessary whether that's creating and managing accounts or designing more technical account features such as public folders, shared mailboxes, logging and litigation. We will also decommission your on-premise exchange server.