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Hosted Email -- Microsoft Exchange Office 365 Migration

Professional Exchange Migration Services


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Before The Migration

We examine your current email environment and draw up a migration plan in order to document a thorough process to ensure that everyone knows what will happen, when it will happen and what is required from each party. We can migrate from Google Apps Mail, IMAP, POP3 and on-premise Exchange servers.

During The Migration

Once we start the exchange migration, we ensure that key members of your team are kept within the loop every step of the way. We keep email downtime to a minimum and put in place measures to help ensure that no email data is lost during the migration.

After The Migration

Now that your email is cloud based, we can provide an ongoing IT Maintenance Contract providing support and assistance where necessary whether that's creating and managing accounts or designing more technical account features such as public folders, shared mailboxes, logging and litigation. We will also decommission your on-premise exchange server.