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Computers "crash" for a number of reasons. Over time, with constant use, computers become more prone to crashes. This is usually by no fault of the user, however, the installation and removal of programs, constant internet use, lack of disk space and registry errors all contribute to a problematic computer.

Housekeeping is the key here. As with most chores, and that is what it can become, keeping your computer system running smooth can be a challenge. You can help prevent pc crashes by regularly performing routing housekeeping procedures to minimise as many potential problems as possible.

You should always try to have plenty of free space on the c: drive. Your computer uses space here for virtual memory. Just like you have memory installed in your computer, windows can pretend to have more memory by creating a file on your hard drive to store system information. A lack of free space means this function cannot process meaning a general performance slowdown.

It is advisable to have a PC Health Check every 3-6 months to troubleshoot any problems that you may have. The service can be performed remotely over our award winning remote control system quickly and easily with the added bonus of paying a reduced fee as no engineer is required on-site. If however you prefer an on-site engineer to call, this is no problem.