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Change your laptop power settings

By changing the power setting on your laptop, you can place the machine into a lower power mode that will run at a slightly slower speed for an improvement in both battery life and heat generation. Power settings can be found in the control panel on a PC or within System Preferences on an Apple device. 

Close running processes consuming high CPU

Sometimes, a program may be running abnormally which causes the laptop to dedicate all its processing power to that application. This means that your laptop will become very slow and the CPU (processor) will be running at 100%. When a processor runs at 100%, it generates the most heat.

How do I check high CPU usage?

Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and then click Task Manager. Then click the button that says "Show processes from all users". Next, order by CPU by clicking the word CPU in the CPU column. The processes with the highest number are those that are taking the highest percentage of your laptop's speed and generating the most heat. 

You can then use Google to find out what the process does and whether it is safe to end the process. If you have a slow computer, you can of course call us to look at your machine remotely to resolve any problems.
note: System Idle Process is not a concern. If it's running at 97%, it means your PC is 97% Idle (ie: Not doing Anything)

Book an Appointment with an IT Support Technician

If you're still concerned that your laptop is too hot, please contact us for a laptop repair appointment. We are able to dismantle your laptop and either clean the laptop internally or replace your laptop fans and cooling system.


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