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Outlook security manager is not found

Outlook security manager is a component found in older versions of Microsoft Office, specifically, Outlook 2003. It can also be found in other versions of Outlook. It is a programming tool that was designed to control Outlook security from within the software itself as an add-in.

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Dusty Computers - How to clean them

We explain how to clean a dusty computer and why it's important to do so. 

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How To Manage Your Passwords And Keep Them Safe

In this guide, you'll learn how to keep your IT systems and online services secure by using complex passwords. Too many people save their passwords in a spreadsheet or worse still, write down their passwords on notes stuck to their desks.

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How To Prevent Laptops Overheating

Laptop computers are becoming smaller, lighter, and more powerful, all of which contribute to increased heat generation. As technology advances, laptops are becoming smaller in size. The demands of users however stay pretty constant. Everyone demands the best for the cheapest possible price. There are however a few ways that we can show you to help prevent laptops from becoming too hot.

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