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Top 10 Benefits of Managed Antivirus Services

What is Managed Antivirus?

Managed Antivirus takes the hassle out of understanding and managing your own product of choice. Instead, we select the top antivirus product on the market and manage this for you, as a service. We take the stress away from you and deal with all the infections that are detected as well as making sure they are analysed and eradicated. Furthermore, we ensure your software is up to date. 

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Windows 11 PC Health Check for Windows 10 and below

Windows 11 will be released in the last quarter of 2021, perhaps a little excitement in the second year of COVID gloom. The PC Helath Check app (pictured) provided by Microsoft should not be confused with a PC Healh Check Service, where an IT technician performs actual work on your computer, to resolve problems. 

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The 10 Most Common Tech Support Issues

SysFix IT Support receives hundreds of IT support Issues each week yet the majority of them are old favourites. Despite advances in technology over the years, some probles reoccure time after time. Here's our top 10 IT tech support issues logged over the years. 

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How much does IT Support cost for a small business?

The cost of IT support for a small business in the UK varies. The average price per hour for remote IT Support in the UK is around £75 per hour remotely. However, prices range from £60-120 depending on where you live, with London prices being higher. On-Site support, where an IT specialist will visit you in your business, on average is around £90 per hour plus a call-out fee, but again, prices vary, especially within the capital.

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The Benefits of a Managed IT Support Service

An IT Support Contract is an agreement between you (the client) and a managed service provider (MSP). An MSP provides technical support or other IT related services such as cloud data backup for an agreed monthly fee. Most IT support companies will charge for a set amount of support hours which will be depleted as your IT issues are logged and resolved. SysFix IT Support Ltd as an example provides unlimited IT support for a fixed monthly fee.  Taking the advice of an IT professional as either a new start-up business or as a well-established company can save you lots of headaches and ill-advised purchases which in turn can lead to costly mistakes and serious problems later down the line.

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How To Protect Your Business From A Cyber Attack

With the introduction of GDPR laws and an ever-increasing trend for online services, protecting our data is becoming more important. Cybercriminals know that gaining entry into a business's IT systems can provide a huge bounty. Whether through illegal activity such as credit card fraud or selling stolen data, cybercrime is extremely lucrative yet damaging for those targeted. Learn the basics on how to protect your business from cyber crime.

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Slow transfer rates with openVPN on pfsense with dropped pings

We ran into an issue recently with transferring files between a server and a workstation. They were connected via openVPN client and a pfsense router running OpenVPN server. We found that when pinging the pfsense from the connected client, pings worked fine. The main issue came however when we attempted to copy a file from the server to the client. 

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Custom Built PC for Work and Gaming

Meet Damien, our resident custom PC builder. He's creating an Intel i7 (11th Generation) with 2 x M.2 solid state 1TB drives and 16GB of Ram. Tha...
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The impact of technology on young minds

How does today's technology negatively impact the youth of today? As technology surpasses itself and becomes more advanced, it mak...
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How Does Quidco Work? Cashback Affiliate Links

Today, I want to share with you a little secret but before I reveal how you can make hundreds of pounds, sometimes thousands over a period of time, I ...
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WCry/WannaCry Advice for UK Businesses

As you will have heard in the news on Friday 12th May 2017, a new cyber-attack in the form of ransom-ware, code-named "WannaCrypt" is affecting many o...
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The value of digital presence for small business

Any small business looking to target potential customers must engage in some degree of online presence. With only 53% of small businesses having creat...
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All Hard Drives Will Eventually Fail

Significant data loss can raise its ugly head at any time. Sometimes, without warning, your entire collection of family photos, music a...
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