London Riots Affect Local Businesses

London Came Under Siege Tonight, The Third Night In A Row As Rioters Took To The Streets To Cause Havoc Through Vandalism, Arson, Violence And Looting.

With less than 1 year to the Olympic Games, images of London are beamed around the world showing the carnage taking place. Disorder started in Tottenham and Brixton this evening and moved to various districts throughout the capital including Oxford Street, Clapham, Enfield, Islington, Lewisham and Hackney to name but a few. Problems have also spread to Birmingham in the Midlands and Croydon.

Many large and small businesses are being crippled by such disorder and many businesses are sending staff home early due top fear for staff safety.

IT Systems have been brought to a standstill through fire and theft. EPOS systems left smashed and shops and premised ransacked.

This just goes to show that no matter where you live, these occurrences can happen anywhere.  The images shown are taken from the lovely area of Bayswater which is situated within close proximity of Notting Hill, Maida Vale, Kensington and Chelsea.

Apparently, organised groups have been communicating on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and the Blackberry network. Is Social media to blame? Does it play an active part in the recent disturbances and should more have been done to avoid this situation by temporarily closing such sites?
What are your thoughts?

Our Advice to Local Businesses in relation to IT
We again bring to light the importance of offsite data backup.

Many businesses fail to adequately put in place, a suitable backup system to protect against such circumstances.

SysFix Backup Pro offers automatic Off-Site backup for protection against numerous threats. In the event of a disaster, data can be retrieved and restored as necessary.

One thought on “London Riots Affect Local Businesses

  1. Audrey

    I cannot believe what is happening in London right now.
    I don’t know if I blame social networking but it certainly has played a huge part in bringing people together.

    We work in a bar in central London and we closed early last night to ensure our staff could get home safely. This is a frightening time for many.

    What happened in regards to the recent shooting of a man by police in London has ultimately fueled this but now people are piggybacking this by acting in a criminal and imorral way to simply “get what they can”. This is not a protest – it’s simply yobs taking advantage of a situation out of control for that nice flat screen tv.

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