The importance of Laptop Backup

Laptop computers have come down in price over the past few years , as low as £200 for some models, but these laptops are dangerous. With laptops becoming increasingly light and compact, we’re more inclined to take them with us wherever we go. We now find ourselves in a situation where we don’t have time so sit down and perform a backup to a usb stick or other external device, not to mention where we stored it for safe keeping.

Why is it important to back up our Laptop Computers?

  • Laptop computers are light and easily lost or stolen.
  • We travel around with our machines more than we used to, increasing the risk of loss and theft.
  • Data is stored on Hard Drives. Did you know that ALL HARD DRIVES WILL EVENTUALLY FAIL?
  • Data cannot easily be replaced. Treasured moments such as Photographs cannot be replaced.

Laptop Backup is therefore essential!

… but it can be a tiring and cumbersome task and how many of us really perform those all important backups. SysFix Backup Pro automates the entire process through new Laptop Backup Software which backs up your critical data no matter where you are. Your data is encrypted and sent to 2 data centres, one in Germany and the other in London. In the event of a catastrophe , or as simply as mistakenly deleting files, you have the power to click a button and restore your chosen files right to your desktop, it even keeps multiple versions so it keeps all those changes you made to your documents too.

What about PCs and Apple Macs?

SysFix Backup Pro works with Desktop PCs, Servers and Apple Macs too. The Apple Online Backup software is exactly the same as our PC version so it’s very easy to use. SysFix Backup Pro even comes with a web interface so you can restore files for a friend or partner if they require assistance, or from our backup software directly.

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