Using your Laptop in bed is dangerous

Using Your Laptop in Bed is No Good!laptop-in-bed

A laptops air intake fan is located at the bottom of most laptops. Setting it directly on your bed, can block the air intake fan. This will cause the processor to heat up past it’s set maximum limit, and shut off. A laptop’s cooling system, is very poor to start with. You have all the hardware components stuffed into a tiny box.
Add to this is a small tube the size of your finger that directs air on the processor, and other components.
Also add to this that since the air intake fan is on the bottom, it sucks up anything in it’s path. Dust, dirt, food crumbs, lint, fuzz, you name it. In time this clogs the small air intake tube, I ‘spoke’ of above, and the cooling capacity drops tremendously.

Not only does using your laptop in bed decrease the life of your laptop, but it’s dangerous too. You can fall asleep and turn over, possibly strangling yourself. It’s also a fire hazard. You wouldn’t sleep with your toaster – would you?

For those of you who sit with laptops placed on your legs, again, this is also dangerous. You’re actually heating up blood passing beneath the laptop. We all know that laptops give off a significant amount of heat, especially when airflow is restricted.  It’s even more detrimental to men who can find that their sperm counts may fall as a result of heat on testicles. The scrotum hangs away from the body to keep sperm cooler than body temperature. Subjecting them to heat is definitely no good.

Protecting YOU and your LAPTOP from heat

  1. Don’t sit with your laptop on your knees or lap, it’s known to cause infertility in men.
  2. Don’t Sit in bed with your laptop without a proper surface or heat absorption mat.
  3. Do allow your laptop to breath and do not allow the air intakes to become obstructed with bed linen.
  4. Do from time to time, use an air duster to blow out the dust inside your laptop. Computer Cleaning helps improve airflow and extend your machines life.
  5. Cancer – There’s stories every day in medical journals of suspected causes of Cancer. Don’t leave anything to chance. If you have to use your laptop in bed or on your knee or lap, please use a laptop heat absorption pad.

Laptop Heat absorption pads are available for £14.99 and includes free delivery.

  • Heat absorbing macro modular compound

    laptop cooling mat

    Laptop Cooling Mat. Laptop Heat Absorption

  • Permits up to 5 hours of continual cooling
  • Crystals automatically reform in temperatures below 25 °C
  • Reusable
  • Quickly dissipates heat from the under-side of the laptop
  • Suitable for all laptops
  • Easily fits into a laptop carry case
  • Extends laptop life by decreasing its operating temperature


03-02-2012 – Update To Original Post:

Balancing a laptop on your knee can cause permanent discolouration of the skin and in some cases, increase the chances of developing cancer. Before the days of central heating, people would huddle around fires and electric heaters to keep warm which would cause a prickling, nettle like sting or rash on the skin, similar to what is experienced from laptop heat.

{source: DailyMail}


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