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How to get on the internet

SysFix provide a range of tailored internet connectivity options that suit your requirements and budget. From the moment you place a broadband internet order with us, We'll ensure that you're taken care of from the offset. If you require a landline, we can even  set that up too!

Of course, There are many internet providers available in the UK but we specifically provide small business broadband packages and home broadband packages that are tailored to your requirements. 


There Are Different Types Of Broadband

BT Broadband

BT Broadband is of course provided by British Telecom. The downside to using BT as your service provider is their lack of investment in newer technologies compared to the private sector. A recent report released by OFCOM showed that broadband customers who opted for an LLU connection where the ISP put it's own equipment in BT exchanges are generally on much faster connections than those offered by BT.

LLU Broadband

LLU Broadband is where a private company install their own equipment in BT local exchanges and connect customers to their own equipment. Providers such as O2, TalkTalk and Plusnet are examples of LLU broadband providers. SysFix provide it's own broadband service on O2's network which is the best LLU provider which deliveris “significantly faster speeds” than TalkTalk, Tiscali and AOL. In OFCOM's recent report, it's the only ISP whose peak time speeds were no slower than it's off-peak sppeds.BT however saw it's peak time speeds drop by around 20%

SysFix provide broadband services with a personal service and unlike o2, BT and many other who have an enormous customer base, we take care of you and ensure you have the best possible broadband experience possible. 

Fibre Broadband

Unlike LLU or BT based Broadband services where internet is delivered through your telephone line, Fibre Broadband is delivered through a fibre optic cable. You may already have a fibre connection in your home if you have a digital tv service from someone like virgin. A phone line is limited to around a maximum speed of 24mb/s where a fibre connection can reach up to 1024mb/s though typically, most providers offer up to 120mb/s and reserve the unused bandwidth to provide digital tv or offer enhanced speeds for a premium price.

Small Business Broadband

Business Broadband is generally regarded as a less congested service. For a slightly higher price, there are less people sharing the advertised bandwidth meaning you are far more likely to receive the advertised speeds and receive a guarantee that during peak times, your bandwidth will not fall below a certain speed. Many residential customers are now looking into replacing their home based broadband services with business grade broadband simply to receive "A Better Service". SysFix provides a range of business broadband packages to suit most clients whether you're a business or residential customer. If you're looking to move providers, SysFix can arrange everything including the installation of a new BT phone line right through to installing broadband routers in your own home or business.

Choose one of our broadband routers and we will pre-configure all the settings so that once your service becomes live, all you need to do is plug in your device. We'll also set up some security features so that you're protected. We want to ensure that your network is set up correctly and that it is secure. It's very common for people to simply plug equipment in without any advanced setup, leaving your computer exposed to the outside world. Our wireless router security check will ensure your router is protected.

Helping You Decide:

Most business customers are better to select the Business Pro option as you will have the opportunity to achieve higher upload speeds useful for sending emails, uploading to websites and site to site vpn. Business Lite is also a good product however upload speeds are lower than Pro versions. The speeds you can obtain are dependant on the distance from your premises to the nearest phone exchange. We offer a broadband installation service if you'd like us to set everything up for you.

Annex A and Annex M are products designed for those who wish to have a more stable connection. By trading off some download speed, you can increase your upload speeds. As well as speed, it also guarantees an upstream throughput of 85% of the upstream sync rate. The guaranteed hours of throughput are 8am to 5pm , Monday to Friday which will be of interest to business customers specifically. These packages are ideal for site-to-site VPNs and they replace the old SDSL connections which are now retired.

Home broadband customers can choose a the Home Value package or if they prefer, they can select a business package if they require fatser speeds.



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