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Virtualisation and Server Consolidation



Virtualisation allows you to consolidate multiple servers onto a single physical machine. Share the power of one machine and distribute resources between different functions. Virtualisation allows easy scalability and provides substantial lower cost of ownership when compared to several physical servers. Virtualisation can also form part of your disaster recovery plan.

Benefits Of Virtualistaion include

  1. Several Servers operating on one physical machine.
  2. Reduced cost of ownership.
  3. Lower power consumption. Environmental benefits through energy savings.
  4. Reduction in hardware maintenance costs and extended warranties.
  5. Less physical space needed for server hardware.
  6. Deploy multiple operating systems on a single machine.

SysFix IT Support can provide you with a tailored virtulisation solution that will reduce operating and maintenance costs.

3 Dell Servers costing £2100 each, replaced every 3 years. Yearly cost = £2100
Dell Extended Support over £3000 yearly for 3 servers

With a virtualisation solution, only 1 server would exist supporting 3 roles. Each role would have it's own operating system working independently of each other. Any faults would remain within it's own environment and can be rebooted or switched off without affecting any other role. Based on the example above, virtualisation would save £3400 YEARLY! and that's without the cost of maintenance and electricity.