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The primary functions of an IT audit are to evaluate the system's security protocols, in particular, to evaluate the organisation's ability to protect its information assets and properly dispense information to authorised parties. The agenda of an IT audit is summarised as follows;


Will the information in the systems be disclosed only to authorised users?

Will the organisation's computer systems be available for the business at all times when required?

Will the information provided by the system always be accurate, reliable, and timely?

The IT audit focuses on determining risks that are relevant to information assets, and in assessing controls in order to reduce or mitigate these risks. By implementing controls, the effect of risks can be minimised, but cannot completely eliminate all risks. Such audits are also useful for Sarbanes Oxley Compliance, or SOX Testing.


  • Fire Safety Checks
  • Fire Supression Checking
  • Server Room Security Checks
  • Server Room Access Log Verification
  • Server Room AirConditioning Check
  • Server Warranty Checks
  • Cable Management Audit
  • UPS Checks
  • Firmware & Bios Checks
  • Data Backup / Restore Testing
  • Antivirus Signature Checks
  • Windows Update Audit
  • Software Licencing Audit
  • Active Directory User Audit
  • Generic Accounts Audit

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